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What is the Penis Extender Enlargement System

The penis extender enlargement system is an exclusively designed penis extending traction device. By using dynamic, spring-loaded tension rods, the penis extender applies stress to the skin tissue resulting in an increase in both length and girth.

The Hybrid Support System penis extender offers users of the device its exclusive Comfort Strap Technology and silicone tubing support which lends to improved efficiency and comfort. This allows for increased use of the penis enlargement device for longer durations of time, which leads to faster results.


How Does the Penis Extender Work?

The modern penis extender uses the principles of traction to provide increases in both length and girth. The human body is capable of adapting and changing under certain physical influences. Using these basic principles, penis enlargement devices can force the regeneration of skin-cells and tissue. As these cells continuously divide, break down, and regenerate, men undergoing this process will note an overall increase in penis size.

While many misconceptions exist with respects to enlargement products, the penis enlargement extender provides increases in both length and width (girth).  The same principles on which the enlargement extenders have been based are derived from the historical practices by indigenous tribes to increase certain body parts.

Clinical studies have also been conducted on these penis enlargement devices and have shown to yield gains in majority of participants.


What are the Benefits of the Penis Extender?

The X4 Extender enlargement system is one of the only products to offer permanent gains in penis size with its modern Comfort Strap Technology. It is recommended that the device be used for 3-5 times a week and results typically appear after 3 months of use. Once the size of the penis has increased results are permanent.

Its world renowned Comfort Strap technology provides users of the enlargement device with unequivocal comfort. With comfort and blood circulation playing such an important role in the penis enlargement treatment, Comfort Strap technology allows for increase blood flow to the penis as well as increased comfort in comparison to silicone tube based devices.


Users of the device may notice stronger and harder erections along side the increases in penis size.


X4 Labs Penis Enlargement Extender System