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Traditionally, sex therapists have advised against penile enlargement, primarily because the methods used in the past - surgery and pumps - have been known to cause permanent, irreversible damage.

However, today the situation has changed with new, safe and effective methods for penile enhancement. We now recognize that many men would benefit from a larger, harder, erect penis by way of enhanced self-esteem, sexual self-confidence and performance, as well as happy and satisfied sex partners. Are you one of these men? If so, then....


Penile Traction Can Enhance Your Sex Life, Your Self-Esteem and
the Entire Sexual Experience by Enlarging Your Penis - Guaranteed!


Penis traction is based on the medical principle that when stretching stress is applied to a body part over a sustained period, the cells in that area begin to divide and multiply. This increases the tissue mass, which consequently expands in size and volume.


The procedure is medically approved, clinically proven and totally safe.



To learn more about penis traction and its application in penile enlargement, read our
Penis Traction FAQ.



If you want a clinically proven, medically approved and safe method for penile enlargement, then we recommend the following product:


Andropenis®Extender - Penis Traction Device


Approved by the US FDA as a Type 2 Registered Medical Device.


The Andropenis®  Extender is a specially designed penis traction device, developed and manufactured by Andromedical, an European urological medical laboratory dedicated to treatments related to penile size. Andromedical has over 10 years experience with penile traction devices. The Andropenis device is of Certified Medical Quality, which guarantees effectiveness and safety. It is medically proven in clinical trials and is documented in prestigious medical journals, such as BJU International, the official journal of The British Association of Urological Surgeons.

Andro-penis traction device

Andropenis Traction Device Approved by Urologists and US FDA


Andropenis Guarantees the Following Results and Benefits for You:

  • Increase in your penile size of approx 1.6inches in 6 months - If your erect penis length is 5 inches, it will becomes 6.6 inches; if it is currently 6 inches, it will become 7.6 inches, with proportionate increases in girth. 

  • Enhanced sexual self-confidence due to a larger, thicker erect organ

  • You will experience fuller, stronger, erections that last longer

  • You will find an increase in your libido and sex drive

  • You will have greater control over ejaculation

  • If you are troubled by penile curvature, there will be 50% correction

  • You will have better sex, better orgasms, happy and eager and fulfilled sex partners - your sex life will be truly enriched and enhanced!

  • With Andropenis, you will have the confidence of using a penile enlargement device that is registered and listed by the US FDA




Important Features:

  • The only penis traction device that has been subjected to clinical trials and research studies with results reported in medical publications.

  • More than 250,000 satisfied users, and increasing every day.

  • Type 1 Medical Device with European Health Certification Mark (CE)

  • Registered as a Medical Device Type 2 with the US FDA.

  • Canada CMDCAS Health Certificate

  • Australia ARTG Health Certificate

  • European made device manufactured to the highest quality standards.

  • Shafts of Andropenis® gold are covered with a layer of 24 carat gold.

  • Andromedical® is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified by The British Standards Institution.

  • Andromedical® is ISO 13485:2003 Certified to design, manufacture, and distribute medical devices.

How to Use the Andropenis for Effective Penile Enlargement


The Andropenis traction device is easy to use and, when worn, does not interfere with the normal functions of walking, sitting, driving, etc. You should use the device for a total of 4 to 5 hours per day. This does not have to be a continuous 5 hours - it can be broken up into two or three shorter periods, according to your convenience. For optimum results, use Andropenis for a minimum of 5 to 6 months or longer, if you so wish.


A comprehensive user's manual is provided with the product to ensure correct usage. You also have access to online medical support from Andromedical, in case you have any questions about the usage of this product.


Click here for a video of how the Andropenis device is worn and used




Andropenis guaranteeThe purchase of the Andropenis®  device will be risk-free for you, as you will get an unconditional, 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee. You may try the treatment for 60 days without any obligation. If you are not satisfied, you may return the product and get a full refund of your purchase price.


Please note that this guarantee is valid only for direct purchases from the manufacturer. All the Andropenis links on this page will take you to the manufacturer's website, where you can place your risk-free order.
See guarantee sheet


Andropenis Research and Clinical Studies


Penile traction therapy with the Andropenis device, for both penis enlargement and correction of bent/curved penis, has been the subject of several clinical trials and scientific research studies, and the  results have been documented in respected medical journals. See a sample of Andropenis Clinical Trials and Research Studies.


Andropenis in the Media


There have been several reports in the media, around the world, about successful penis enlargement by traction, using the Andropenis Traction Device.
Click here for a sample of the media reports.


With Andropenis you will have a penis traction device that is tested, approved and recommended by scientists, doctors and medical authorities....


Enlarge Your Penis with an FDA Registered Traction Device -
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