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Couple ready for sexSEX – that magic word that makes the pulse quicken and the blood race. All of us – women and men alike – think of sex, want good sex, look for good sex.

A sexual relationship can and should be a source of extreme pleasure, creating a profound feeling of intimacy, well-being, satisfaction and relaxation.

Yet, so often and for so many, good sex remains elusive.

Even for women who are orgasmic, the climax often take too long to come or is less than satisfying when it does. For many, female orgasm never comes at all – a tragic situation.

Men often find that their bodies do not match their desires, as penis erections remain inadequate or do not last long enough due to premature ejaculation. For some men, penis erections do not occur at all – again, a tragic situation.

Solutions for Female Orgasms and Male Enhancement

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Fortunately, today modern medical science can help us attain that which is our right – good sex, frequent sex, satisfying sex.

It is now known that, in the vast majority of cases, inadequate female sexual response or the inability to reach orgasm, or less than hard male penis erections or premature ejaculation, are due to physiological causes which can easily be overcome.

With new sex improvement solutions, female sexual stimulant pills and creams, male erection enhancement pills and gels, penis enlargement traction devices,  exercises, and advanced sexual techniques – all easily available, the path to great sex is within our reach and can indeed be rewarding.

Female Sex Stimulants and Supplements

Female sexual dysfunction falls into different categories :

  1. Women who are troubled by slow and weak response to sexual stimulation. The level of sexual arousal remains low and they take too long to reach an orgasm and often don’t make it. This can develop into a lack of sexual desire and disinterest in sex.
    Vigorelle Female Sexual Enhancement Cream, tested and proven to be highly effective for enhancing women’s sexual response to the point of fast, intense and satisfying orgasm.
  2. Women who were earlier sexually responsive but, for a variety of lifestyle-connected reasons, are now experiencing decreased libido and orgasmic difficulty.
    Female sexual supplements and sex stimulants that enhance libido, sexual arousal and response to sexual stimulation, to the point of intense sexual climax
  3. Older women who, with the onset of menopause, experience vaginal dryness, loss of libido and inability to orgasm.
    Female Supplements which can greatly improve libido, vaginal lubrication and sexual arousal for women in menopause, especially when combined with a stimulant cream.
  4. Women who have never experienced female orgasm at all, most frequently because their sexual organs have not learned to respond to stimulation.
    Training the clitoris – vagina system to respond with pleasure to sexual stimulation. This is most effectively accomplished by masturbation with a vibrator

Learn and discuss about the vagina, breast health, the clitoris orgasm and stimulation, female orgasms and more.

See breast-actives.net for an excellent non-surgical female breast enhancement option.

Male Sex Stimulants and Male Enhancement Options

Hundreds of thousands of men worldwide are affected by partial or occasional or total sexual dysfunction.

  1. Premature ejaculation is a very frequent problem among men, as they ejaculate too quickly after vaginal penetration. This not only prevents their female partners from reaching orgasm through intercourse, but also detracts greatly from the sexual satisfaction and fulfillment of the male.
    Products that prolong the sex act, for longer lasting sexual intercourse.
    Advanced techniques for intercourse that delay ejaculation and, at the same time, accelerate the response of their partners towards female orgasm – sex techniques.
  2. Many men are troubled by erectile dysfunction – partial or occasional or total.
    Very often, rapid ejaculation is associated with inadequate or less than full penile erections.
    Prescription drugs, Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. Unfortunately, there are problems with these – a) you need medical prescriptions to buy and use any of them and b) there can be unpleasant side-effects. Therefore, while these remain the treatments of choice in cases of severe erectile dysfunction, in less severe cases we prefer non-prescription, herbal erection enhancement products, specifically formulated for Penis Erection Enhancement. These products also directly contribute to improved ejaculatory control and long-lasting erections.
  3. There are men with the problem of a relatively small erect penis. This can seriously diminish their sexual self-esteem and confidence, which in turn, adversely affects their sexual performance.
    Male enhancement options that effectively and safely increase the length and girth of the erect penis. Very often, these also result in improved ejaculatory control, both directly and from the increased levels of self-confidence arising from the larger and harder erection. The most effective and clinically proven penis enlargement option is ProExtender.
  4. There are some men, although not in very large numbers, who are troubled by a bent or curved penis, which may or may not be due to Peyronie’s Disease. This condition can adversely affect their sexual relationships.
    Proven effective and safe Curved Penis/Peyronie’s Disease treatment.

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Enjoy good sex, frequent sex, satisfying sexual intercourse. Men, take your women to intense climax and thereby enhance your own pleasure.